SIMMENTAL Cow T-bone steak with maturation

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Weight :

1kg approx 1.5kg approx

SIMMENTAL Cow T-bone steak with maturation

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Weight :

1kg approx 1.5kg approx
Product description

Matured Simmental cow steak (National Origin). Vacuum packed to guarantee that it arrives at your kitchen freshly cut, with an outstanding texture, aroma and flavour.

The Simmental breed is a bovine breed from Bavaria. Large, muscular and well-shaped, it has the characteristic yellow greasing. Although its real strong point is the great balance of juiciness, flavor and tenderness of its meat.

A Simmental beef steak is equivalent to a very marbled, tender, juicy steak with a great infiltration. In fact, this granular infiltration reveals the good grass that the animal has eaten. In addition, it is a meat without excessive covering fat.

Simmental beef steak has great flavor power, especially thanks to its maturation period. Being a breed with a large muscular structure and greater intramuscular fiber, maturation is longer. 

We mature Simmental beef steaks to refine them as much as possible to achieve a deeper flavor.

If you are a lover of the classic flavor of older beef, try this grilled, grilled or barbecued Simmental beef ribeye. We recommend you cut the ribeye into chubby chops to maintain its excellent juiciness.

ATTENTION: when you receive your ribeye, check that the bag is completely vacuum sealed. We pack them with the utmost care, but during transport the bone can splinter, puncturing the bag. If this happens, remove the ribeye from the packaging and keep it cold before consuming it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can freeze it. Approximate weight.

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