beef tail €15,50
Beef tail of approximately 1kg. Very gelatinous meat, intense flavor and great juiciness. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen keeping all its tenderness and flavor intact. The tail is considered one of the best cuts of meat to make stews and stews. It has an exquisite flavor, very intense, and stands out above all for its gelatinous and juicy meat. Despite its name, oxtail usually comes from beef animals. To taste a magnificent piece of meat, it is important that you buy a fresh product, not frozen. That is why at Carnes Campoverde we send it to you vacuum packed, so that you receive it as fresh as if it were freshly cut. One of the most common recipes with oxtail is oxtail stewed in red wine. But you can improvise all you want, your kitchen is yours alone! This dish is very versatile, although its gelatinous meat is perfect for stews and stews. Something very curious about beef tail is that, originally, it was a humble dish, but over the years it has become a true delicacy. In the best restaurants, they don't go through a menu of the day without serving oxtail in sauce. As we have already told you, beef tail is ideal for stews and for making oxtail-soup, or tail soup. We also recommend trying it with sauce and boiled potatoes, also cooked in sauce. A luxurious dish!
Beef cheeks 800gr €12,90 €15,50 save €2,60
Beef cheek, 800 grams approximately. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that they arrive at your kitchen fresh, tender and preserving all their flavor and juiciness. The cheek piece, as its name suggests, comes from the animal's cheeks, specifically from the masseter muscles. It is the fatty part that is found on both sides of the face, which explains why it is such a meaty and tender piece. Their structure is gelatinous due to the collagen they contain, which makes them ideal for stews and stews. Their best allies in recipes are usually legumes, such as white beans, or vegetables, such as potatoes. In general, the cheeks are pieces of meat that require more time to cook than usual, but the wait is worth it. Their exquisiteness and tenderness have made them one of the most famous traditional dishes in our gastronomy. For all this, the cheek is one of the most popular cuts in stews and stews. It is ideal to prepare in sauce, since it is a juicy, tasty and very tender piece of meat. Perfect to accompany it with stewed potatoes. A traditional recipe with this piece of meat consists of preparing veal cheeks in red wine, a traditional recipe that cannot be missing from your cookbook. The best thing about stews and stews made with cheeks is that combination of the sweetness of the meat and the flavor of the sauce. Delicious!
entrails 500gr €8,90
Beef entrails, 500gr approximately. Without any nerve and soft. You can order it with or without skin. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen fresh, preserving all its flavour, aroma and juiciness. The cut of the entrails belongs to the fourth palette and is located between the malaysia, the lever and the belly flap. It is a very thin cut that corresponds to the muscles that surround and mobilize the diaphragm. It is characterized by its irregular shape, like a half arch, and its particular flavor. In addition, its fat content makes the entrails a star dish in any barbecue, grill or embers. It is in this type of cooking that the entrails bring out all their exquisite flavour, aroma and unique juiciness. You can accompany the beef entrails with some chips and chimichurri sauce. This sauce, so full of flavour, is very appropriate for barbecues, and becomes a perfect ally for churrasco or, in this case, entrails. As for its preparation, the secret to obtaining an entrail of exceptional quality is to roast it with its membranes, since these seal the internal juices and allow "pressure" cooking that softens the firm consistency of this meat. We recommend preparing the entrails by applying salt one or two hours before roasting so that it absorbs it well or, failing that, just after browning it. If you use the first option, put the entrails on the grill at a medium-high temperature for 15 minutes on each side. When you see the golden membranes, remove the meat, and enjoy!
Sweetbreads 500gr €6,00
Tender and juicy beef gizzards 500gr approximately. Vacuum-packed and transported refrigerated so that they arrive at your kitchen as a fresh product, freshly cut, preserving all their flavor and tenderness. The sweetbreads are one of the most precious parts of the bovine offal. In fact, veal sweetbreads are traditionally considered the most succulent of all viscera. We could say that it is like the caviar of the veal. The sweetbreads are an offal formed by a gland, the thymus, which is located in the chest of the animal, in front of the trachea. They are located in the chest cavity, behind the sternum, and govern the growth of the calf, as well as its immune system. The best gizzards are also extracted from the area near the heart. At Carnes Campoverde we make sure to perfectly preserve the gizzards and deliver them to you vacuum-packed. This is because, to enjoy gizzards of outstanding quality, they must be very fresh. In fact, try not to keep them raw for more than a day. Gizzards are very versatile and are usually prepared au gratin, on skewers, in sauce, cooked, stewed... In fact, they are usually part of a good roast. Sometimes they work as a side dish, sometimes as a main dish. Be that as it may, they are a delicacy that is always happy to have on the table. We recommend you try the sautéed gizzards with a little butter, so that their exterior is crispy and golden and their interior creamy and tender. In addition, the butter accentuates the dairy flavor of the gizzards. You can't eat just one!
Tripe 1kg
Tripe 1kg €7,00
Fresh and chopped beef tripe, approximately 1kg. Packaged in a bag and transported refrigerated so that you receive a fresh product in your kitchen that retains all its flavor and juiciness. These tripe are a succulent gastronomic delight. Being chopped, you can prepare and cook them in hundreds of different ways, as many as you can imagine. Give them your own personal touch! And of course, if you want to prepare a traditional and always welcome recipe, you can try the famous Madrid-style tripe. A typical delicacy of our traditional cuisine that has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of all food lovers, and with good reason. Madrid-style tripe is an emblematic dish not only of the capital, but of the entire country. It is a traditional recipe of the offal, highly appreciated inside and outside of Madrid; a plate of spoon, fork and napkin that, in addition, asks for bread so that you can enjoy the tasty sauce that accompanies these tripe. You can also try the Galician version, with chickpeas and tender chorizo ​​to create an explosion of flavor on your palate; or the Biscayan version, which uses chorizo ​​peppers to achieve an intense and very particular flavour. Beef tripe is a food rich in nutrients, especially iron and vitamin B5. It is a perfect dish for all seasons, but especially to enjoy it in winter. It will give you heat, it will give you flavor, and it will give you joy!
beef tongue €8,90
Beef tongue of approximately 1kg. You can order it chopped to make it easier for you or whole to cut it your way. We vacuum pack it and transport it refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen fresh and retains all its properties and flavour. As its name suggests, the tongue comes from the animal's mouth. It is a classic of Spanish gastronomy and bovine offal, which requires considerable preparation time, but whose result is exquisite and delicious. It is a very tender and juicy meat, so it is perfect for both adults and children. It is easy to chew and swallow, which makes beef tongue a suitable delicacy for all types of people and for the whole family. This piece of offal is also very good and healthy. It is rich in protein, has very low cholesterol and provides minerals and vitamins B and C, among others. That is why it is such a popular piece, because it is as healthy as it is tasty. The language can be prepared in many ways: boiled, battered, in sauce, garden or stew. It is normally prepared stewed in sauce or stew, since it is much better enjoyed with a good sauce. If you prepare it in sauce, we recommend making it the day before so that the stew rests. The next day you will see that the beef tongue has gained a lot of flavour, consistency and different nuances. Try it and tell us!
liver 1kg €7,00
Filleted beef liver, approximately 1kg. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen as freshly prepared, with all its impeccable tenderness and juiciness. Liver is a very common dish in homes. It stands out for its intense flavor and its particular texture, and its main component is water. In fact, it is a highly used food in diets to maintain or lose weight. In addition, the liver provides many important nutrients for the body, such as valuable vitamins and minerals. This piece of meat is a great source of vitamin A and is also one of the few foods that provides vitamin D. It is also rich in iron, essential for health. Although it can be prepared grilled, breaded or in stewed portions, the most common recipe with veal liver is liver with onions, a dish that many of us have eaten at home as children and adults. The reason why liver with onions is famous is that the intense flavor of the veal's liver is complemented and masked by that of the onion. This creates a fantastic, delicious and easy-to-prepare dish, perfect for families, as it can conquer the stomach of the little ones in the house.
chitterlings 1kg €9,00
Chinchulines 1kg approx vacuum packed.
Prepared Tripe Madrileña Style 500gr €6,00
Madrid-style tripe prepared and packaged, approximately 500gr. Gluten free and made in Spain. We recommend keeping them in a cool and dry environment to maintain their quality. At Carnes Campoverde we know that you love tripe, but you don't always have time to cook it. For this reason, we offer you these Madrid-style tripe prepared so that you only have to worry about heating them up, and enjoy! Our tripe is made with tripe, beef legs and pork snouts as main ingredients, accompanied by tender chorizo, juicy blood sausage, lean, pork tripe and jowls, onion powder, garlic, salt and paprika. They have their intense color, aroma and flavor, because Madrid tripe is, above all, intensity! Its characteristic reddish color is due to paprika, a fundamental ingredient for the tripe to obtain that unique smell, flavor and color. Thanks to this prepared dish, you won't have to worry about the preparation process if you don't have the time or desire to cook for hours. It is a handy dish that can get you out of trouble, since in a few minutes you can have a fantastic traditional dish for lunch or dinner. We recommend you always have these tripe ready in the pantry, because you never know when they will get you out of trouble or when they will become the star dish for a guest. They take up very little and give you a lot in return, and it's always nice to have some good tripe on hand to cook! With these delicious Madrid-style tripe you will enjoy one of the most delicious and traditional dishes of our gastronomy. You will save time and you will be able to taste them even within a gluten-free diet. Don't know what to eat, or are you very clear that you want Madrid-style tripe? Heat them up and go! GLUTEN FREE INGREDIENTS: Beef tripe and legs and pig snouts (55%), chorizo ​​4%, Madro and pork jowls, salt, paprika, garlic, collagen, pork tripe), black pudding 4%, madro and pork jowls , cero's blood, powdered blood, salt, onion, paprika, garlic, collagen, cerod tripe), fried tomato (crushed natural tomato, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, corn starch, onion powder, onion aroma fried and acidulant E330), water, salt, paprika, spices, onion, preservative E250, acidity regulator E331iii, flavor enhancer E621, gilifier E407, starch, yeast extract, aromas, glucose syrup.  
Fresh beef bones from €3,90
Fresh cut beef bones for broths and stews, served in a sealed bag.
beef fat
beef fat from €3,90
Vacuum bag of chopped fresh beef fat.