Marinated Duroc Pork Loin Strip 1kg
Marinated Duroc Pork Loin Strip 1kg €9,90 €10,90 save €1,00
Marinated and filleted Duroc pork loin, 1kg approximately. With a tasty homemade paprika-based marinade. Served on a tray and vacuum packed so you can enjoy it freshly cut in your kitchen. The strip of loin has always been one of the most used pieces of meat in Spanish houses. Versatile and with an exquisite flavor, children and adults alike will enjoy this meat that is rich in nutrients and low in fat, calories and cholesterol. In addition, the strip of loin is, together with the sirloin, one of the pieces of meat that contains less fat and cholesterol. Pork meat is a white meat whose properties are very similar to those of chicken meat: juicy, tasty and very tender. A perfect option for anyone who likes meat. Our strip of loin is an excellent food with a unique flavor thanks to its homemade marinade, prepared mostly with paprika. This gives it a characteristic reddish color, making it an excellent presentation loin piece that will make your mouth water. We deliver it to you filleted to facilitate its preparation. It is perfect for the whole family and you can prepare it grilled or grilled, in mixed dishes and, above all, in a montadito or a sandwich. Try it with a crusty bread and some cheese! Ingredients: Duroc pork loin (Duroc 50%). Salt, paprika, paprika oleoresin, garlic dextrose, sugar. Antioxidant E301, acidity corrector E331iii, preservative E250, oregano. May contain traces of milk.
Pork Rib Strip 1-1,2kg
Pork Rib Strip 1-1,2kg €10,90
Pork rib strip of 1 - 1.2kg approx. Upon receiving your rib, please check the vacuum packaging as it contains a lot of bone and the packaging can be punctured. It is generally served split into two pieces or whole and vacuum-packed to preserve its tenderness, freshness, aroma and flavor, and transported refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen as freshly cut. A good strip of pork rib is the star of any barbecue. Its unique flavor and texture make any self-respecting meat lover fall in love. It is perfect to prepare it on the grill or on a barbecue, to bring out all its flavor and juiciness. The key to a good strip of ribs is the balance between meat and bone. Since the entire rack is sold, without separating the bone from the meat, it is important that both complement each other, but it is not difficult to obtain the meat itself. Since the pillar of a good rib is the meat that covers the bone. For this reason, our strips provide you with a large amount of meat that, in addition, detaches very easily from the rib. It is a clean, fine, tender rib with a very good flavor. It will succeed in all your barbecues! We also recommend accompanying the strip with different sauces to enjoy an extra touch of flavor. The best friend of a good strip of pork ribs is barbecue sauce, so get ready to barbecue your rib, coat it with barbecue sauce, and experience a flavor explosion on your palate!
Duroc Pork Tenderloin Whole Piece
Duroc Pork Tenderloin Whole Piece €6,50
Whole piece of Duroc Pork Tenderloin, Weight approx 400-500gr
Duroc Pork Dam 300gr
Duroc Pork Dam 300gr €7,00 €8,00 save €1,00
Duroc pork shoulder, approximately 300gr. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it arrives at your home as freshly cut, preserving all its freshness, flavor and juiciness. The Duroc pig breed comes from the United States, although it is widespread in Europe. In fact, it is the only breed that is allowed to be crossed with the Iberian pig breed. Duroc pork stands out for its infiltrated fat, which gives its meat a very intense flavor and a very tender texture. For this reason, the Duroc pork prey, which comes from the animal's neck, is a juicy and tasty cut of meat, with less infiltrated fat than Iberian pork. In addition to being delicious, Duroc pork is good for your health. Its flavor has nothing to envy to that of the Iberian pig, being much healthier for the heart. In fact, this breed is considered to be like an "olive tree with legs" due to its heart-healthy meat. You can prepare the Duroc pork in different ways, although the most common are grilled or grilled. This type of cooking turns the Duroc dam into an exquisite delicacy for meat lovers. We also recommend you try the baked Duroc pork with baked potatoes. When you buy Duroc pork, you will be acquiring a premium quality piece of meat, with an exceptional cut. You will taste a juicy, tender meat with a mild flavor, but forceful. A real delicacy in your own kitchen.
Duroc Pork Secret 300gr
Duroc Pork Secret 300gr €7,00 €8,00 save €1,00
Duroc pork secret, 300gr approximately. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it arrives at your home as freshly cut, preserving all its freshness, flavor and juiciness. The Duroc pig is a breed from the United States. It arises from the fusion of the Old Duroc and Red Jersey breeds, and was gaining popularity in its own country and, later, in Europe. He arrived in Spain in the 60s, and what luck that he arrived! The Duroc pig is used as a finishing breed in white pig crosses, as it provides fat infiltration that improves the quality and flavor of the final products. In fact, the Duroc pig is the only breed that is allowed to cross with the Iberian pig. If we also talk about Duroc pork secret, we already play in another league. The secret is, without a doubt, one of the greatest discoveries of the pork species: a piece recognized for its extreme juiciness and tenderness. The Duroc pork secret is a delicious cut, a delicacy that stands out for its tenderness and juiciness, but with less infiltrated fat, so it is also very good for health, especially cardiovascular health. If you buy this piece of Duroc pork secret, you will taste a meat of the highest quality, a delicacy that you will want to eat day in, day out. You can prepare the secret whole or in fillets; Be that as it may, it will be a real delight. We recommend preparing the Duroc pork secret on the grill or on the barbecue, with a little coarse salt to further intensify its flavor. It will be like tasting the caviar of the pig!
Bacon 1kg
Bacon 1kg €8,90
Strips of bacon for barbecue, approximately one kilo in total. Served on a tray, vacuum packed and transported refrigerated to ensure that it retains its good flavor and consistency when it reaches your kitchen. Bacon is a versatile piece of meat, easy to incorporate into dozens of dishes and recipes. Chopped or filleted, scrambled, as a side dish or falling like a rain of flavor on pasta and pizza, salads, whatever comes to mind! The great thing about pancetta is that it contains a lot of pork in very little. Thanks to its cut, the pancetta is made up of several layers with skin, fat (known as bacon) and pork. The mixture of these layers creates an unmistakable flavor, and even more so when it is made to such an extent that it is crunchy. Very satisfying to eat! In its characteristic rectangular filleting, pancetta is a perfect food to accompany other pieces of meat and vegetables on the barbecue. They are also ideal to prepare on the grill or in a pan, while you watch how it takes on that characteristic color and becomes more and more crispy. These strips of bacon are made with pork of the highest quality, selected boneless to guarantee the consistency of the meat. They come from the ribs of the animal and have been worked by hand individually and by hand. At Carnes Campoverde we work with a bacon and without additives, so when you try it you will be tasting the classic flavor of a real bacon. Being filleted and thanks to the consistency of its meat, it is perfect for barbecue, grilling or grilling. Try it in a sandwich! 
Suckling pig from Castilla y León
Suckling pig from Castilla y León €89,90
Whole suckling pig from Castilla y León, weight approx. 4-5kg. Vacuum packed. 
Medium chorizo ​​500gr
Medium chorizo ​​500gr €4,50
Several units of sausage. 500gr in total, approximately. It is a gluten-free meat product, although it contains lactose and derivatives. Served on a tray and vacuum packed and transported refrigerated to ensure that it retains its texture and flavor when it reaches your kitchen. These chorizos are ideal for your stews and to eat with bread. Its intense color is similar to its flavor, in which you will notice that the pork is accompanied by a touch of salt, selected natural spices and the jewel in the crown: the paprika that gives it that characteristic color. In fact, this reddish color that the paprika gives it is what differentiates the chorizo ​​from the rest of the sausages. In addition, the chorizo ​​is stuffed into pork casing, either from the small intestine or the large intestine. As for its preparation, a perfect combination of lean pork and bacon, followed by traditional maturation, is what makes chorizo ​​such a natural product of exceptional quality, with a high caloric value and protein of high biological value. This chorizo ​​is very good raw, but you can also prepare it for stews and spoon dishes. If you do it this way, you will enjoy a texture and flavor as intense as its reddish color, and it will give your recipes a very special touch. We also recommend you try these grilled or grilled chorizos. It will become an indispensable piece in your barbecues and everyone will want to try some of this chorizo ​​that is so good, juicy and delicious. Ingredients: GLUTEN FREE Pork meat (92%), paprika, dextrin, dextose, pork protein, salt, spices, coloring E120, preservatives E202 E235 and pork casing.  
Black pudding from Burgos with rice 2 units
Black pudding from Burgos with rice 2 units €4,50
Two units of Burgos black pudding with rice, large size. Obtained from the stuffing of horcal onion, rice, blood and lard and natural spices. Our Burgos blood sausages with rice go through a cooking process before being vacuum packed so that they arrive in your kitchen as freshly prepared. In addition, they do not have gluten, although they do contain lactose and derivatives. Burgos black pudding with rice needs no introduction. It is one of the star dishes of Spanish gastronomy, triumphing nationally and internationally in each dish that appears. All thanks to its unique flavor, texture and tenderness. At Carnes Campoverde we handcraft Burgos black pudding with horcal onion, 23% extra rice, premium quality pork blood and lard. In addition, we add salt, a careful selection of spices and collagen casing to give it that tenderness and flavor that you will only taste with the best blood sausages in Burgos. If you are going to fry the black pudding in the pan, keep in mind that when you fry it it is common for it to jump. For this reason, we advise you to pass it through flour before frying it, very little, enough to seal it and that it does not jump as much or open when you cook it. WITHOUT GLUTEN. Cook before consumption. Ingredients: horcal onion, extra rice (23%), blood and lard, salt, spices and collagen casing.
Small sausage 500gr
Small sausage 500gr €4,90
Small sausage for barbecue or grill, 500gr approximately. Also called "whites". Gluten-free and lactose-free, served on a tray and vacuum-packed to guarantee that it arrives in your kitchen freshly cut, with the best flavour, aroma and texture. This artisan sausage is made with the best lean pork of the highest quality. It is made from lean pork, bacon, water, salt, proteins, starch and a careful selection of natural spices. The result is a sausage with exceptional flavor and tenderness. To make this sausage, we select the best meat from the pork belly and bacon. We chop this meat, chop it, knead it with salt and spices and stuff it into natural pork casing. Subsequently, we cook at a controlled temperature for a certain time according to the production protocols. Once the product has cooled, the resulting botifarra is an excellent piece of meat, perfect for grills and barbecues, as it contains the classic and intense flavor of the best pork meats. That is why we vacuum-pack it, so that when it arrives at your home you can taste the result of a process that is careful in detail to obtain the best artisan sausage. This fresh sausage is perfect to prepare it on the grill, on the grill or on the barbecue. Get ready to experience an explosion of flavor in every bite. Delicious is to fall short. If you are a meat lover, you will love this botifarra! WITHOUT GLUTEN AND WITHOUT LACTOSE. The product image is generic. meat product. Cook completely before consuming. Ingredients: Stuffed in natural pig casing, lean pork (1%), pork paapada (69.8%), water, salt, potato starch, spices, emulsifiers E20i E451iii E450i, antioxidants E452, preservative E301, gelling agent E250, mixture of spices, dye E407.
Creole Chorizo ​​500gr
Creole Chorizo ​​500gr €5,90
Several units of Creole sausage. 500gr in total, approximately 4-5 units. It is a gluten-free meat product, although it contains lactose and derivatives. Served on a tray and vacuum packed and transported refrigerated to ensure that it retains its texture and flavor when it reaches your kitchen. This Creole chorizo ​​is handcrafted, emulating the Argentine preparation, which is where the best Creole chorizos come from. It has a soft and tender texture and is made, mainly, with lean, fresh and uncured pork meat. Creole chorizo ​​is a sausage of Latin American origin, specifically Argentine and Uruguayan in its majority, although it is also very common in Spain. It has become an essential piece of meat for barbecues and grills, as it acquires a tender texture, but at the same time crunchy, with an intense, unique and incomparable flavour. We offer you top quality Creole chorizos, cut and handcrafted with the best pork on the market. We make them from lean pork meat, with a careful selection of spices so that you can taste a Creole chorizo ​​like no other. All your guests will ask you about it! The Creole chorizo ​​is perfect to prepare it on the grill, on the grill or at a barbecue with friends. It is not for nothing that it is also known as grilled chorizo! So put it on your grill and enjoy the juiciness and flavor of top quality meat on your palate. Ingredients: lean pork and bacon, salt, spices, potato starch, destrox, lactose, antioxidants sodium citrate E301, preservatives: sodium sulphite E221, potassium matamisulphite E224, cochineal carmine dye E120. Allergens: Milk derivatives (lactose). Sulphites.