Chicken breasts 1kg €11,50
Filleted or whole chicken breasts, approximately 1kg. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated to ensure they retain their flavour, juiciness and tenderness when they arrive in your kitchen. No skin or bone, and they hardly release any water! A good chicken breast stands out for its texture and juiciness, and that is why at Carnes Campoverde we offer you the best top-quality breasts. Our breasts are tender and boast a mild flavor and aroma, so they will please young and old. Chicken breasts are a very healthy food, rich in protein and nutrients and low in fat. This is because they come from the breast of the bird, which is the part that contains the least fat. They are perfect for cooking a fast, healthy and nutritious meal, full of flavor and low in calories. The most common is to prepare them on the grill or in breadcrumbs, giving an extra touch to their meat, free of additives, but rich in flavour. You can choose filleted or whole breasts, to cut them as you like. If you cut them yourself, you can choose between a thin, thick cut, in strips, in small squares, as you need them for the different homemade recipes that you can prepare with them. You can cook them in the oven, on the grill, on the grill, on a barbecue, empanadas, as a main dish or side dish, with rice, with potatoes, whatever you can think of! It is the advantage of having a meat that is as delicious as it is versatile.
chicken thighs
Chicken Legs 1kg €6,90
Chicken Legs 1kg approximate. 3 units Approx. sometimes 2 pcs.Thigh, thigh and butt shell.
chicken wings
Chicken Wings 1kg €6,90
Chicken Wings 1kg approx vacuum packed. Quantity approx 10-12 units. The wings are served whole without cutting. 
whole chicken
Whole chicken 2kg €10,90
Whole uncut chicken, clean, approximately +2 kilos. Of generous size, without feathers, legs, neck or head. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it preserves all its nutrients, flavor and juiciness when it arrives in your kitchen. This chicken is perfect for a meal for two to four people. You can take advantage of each chopped part or cook it whole in its own juice. Chicken meat is very versatile in the kitchen, so you will have a lot of very tasty homemade recipes to choose from. In addition, chicken stands out for its high content of essential proteins and high biological quality, as well as its low fat content. A food as healthy and natural as it is delicious, perfect for a balanced meal that will satisfy everyone. If you dare, you can also stuff the chicken to get a very juicy, tasty and original recipe. Choose the filling that you like the most among all the possible ones and enjoy a whole deliciousness in your own home. To lick your fingers! The whole chicken is also ideal to take advantage of each part of the animal, either separately or as a single meal. Therefore, if you decide to use each part separately, you will have a good piece of meat to use in your kitchen. We recommend using it to make oven-roasted chicken in its own sauce, giving it your own personal touch. Try it with French fries or roasted vegetables. A delicious food!