Veal entrecote 1kg €17,90 €20,90 save €3,00
Veal entrecote of a kilo. Filleted to your liking in an artisanal way with normal, thick or fine cut. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated to preserve its tenderness, aroma and flavor. As an approximate cut reference, always depending on the animal and the piece, in thick cut 3 entrecote per kg, normal cut 4 entrecote, fine cut 6 entrecote. As you already know, the entrecôte is one of the most prized cuts of beef. This is due to its unmistakable flavor, its aroma and its tenderness. For these reasons, you find this piece on the menu of the best steakhouses and restaurants. The entrecôte is characterized by its reddish color and its infiltrated fat, either to a greater or lesser extent. Whether you cook it on the grill or on a barbecue, the fat melts with the meat, giving the piece that very personal and unique flavor that the best entrecotes on the market boast. This entrecote comes from the cutting and filleting of the beef loin. A distinction is made between high loin and low loin, the latter being the one with the most texture and tenderness on the palate, as well as a very characteristic and personal flavour. This piece is characterized by presenting a large amount of polished meat of the best quality and without bone. Our entrecote is cut by hand to guarantee an outstanding cut, with the perfect balance between fat and juicy meat so that you can cook it to your liking with always excellent results. You can taste the whole piece or cut it into strips so that both you and your relatives or guests enjoy the point of the meat that you prefer the most, but always tasting the characteristic flavor of an excellent quality entrecote. Try this steak grilled, grilled or on the barbecue. Although it is a matter of taste, we recommend preparing it to the point or rare so that its exterior is well roasted and its interior, reddish and tender.  
Beef tenderloin from €30,90
Beef tenderloin cut or in whole pieces of different sizes. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen preserving all its freshness. You can select it cut and packaged in kg bags with a normal cut (2 fingers thick) or thick (3 fingers). The sirloin is one of the juiciest and best valued pieces of beef. It is characterized by its elongated and rounded shape. In this piece, three main parts can be distinguished: the châteubriand, which is the part of the head; the tournedor, which is the center; and the filet-mignon, which is the tip. This piece is one of the most tender of veal, since it is devoid of all excess fat to be a meal that is as healthy as it is tasty. Its meat shows the privileged environment in which the animal has been raised, as well as the high-quality grass it has consumed and the care with which it has been treated. We recommend removing the sirloin two hours before cooking it to break the vacuum and allow it to reach room temperature. Being vacuum packed, you can freeze it without problem if you want to cook it later. The most common way to prepare beef tenderloin is grilled or grilled. We recommend you take advantage of the part of the tip of the sirloin for stir-fries. Delicious!
beef steak
T-bone steak from €17,90 €20,90 save €3,00
Sierra beef steak (National Origin). You can choose it from 1kg, 1,5kg or two of 500gr. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated to ensure that it reaches your kitchen with maximum tenderness, as well as an unmistakable aroma and flavor. Our veal steaks are filleted by hand, being cut from the lower part of the loin to have a proportionate shape and thickness. A moderate cut, neither too much nor too little, of 500gr for lovers of good food. The Sierra veal steak is one of the favorite products for meat lovers. It is certified high loin meat with bone, and with an exquisite texture and flavor. The unique and exceptional quality of this meat is due to the fact that it comes from a 10 to 14-month-old calf that is still suckling from the cow and eats natural pastures from the Sierra de Guadarrama, rich in protein. This piece has a slightly moist appearance, a light red color and a firm texture, neither soft nor rubbery. The infiltration of fat gives the meat an extraordinary juiciness and flavor. If you consider yourself a meat lover, you have to try this fantastic piece. The dream of every lover of beef flavor, a piece of excellent quality in which you will notice the difference to other meats in each bite. ATTENTION: when you receive your ribeye, check that the bag is completely vacuum sealed. We pack them with the utmost care, but during transport the bone can splinter, puncturing the bag. If this happens, remove the ribeye from the packaging and keep it cold before consuming it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can freeze it.
100% beef burgers - 2 units €3,90 €4,50 save €0,60
Two units of 100% beef hamburgers, approximately 150gr each. Without gluten. Served on a tray with film, vacuum-packed and transported refrigerated so that they arrive at your kitchen fresh and juicy, as if they had just been prepared. These burgers are prepared with the best quality ground beef that gives consistency to a meat that tastes 100% beef, tasty and soft beef. At Carnes Campoverde we have minced meat made with lean pieces with little fat content. This lean meat is deboned and shredded by hand to grind the meat just before making the patties. In this way, it is guaranteed that the meat retains its original juiciness and flavor. Keep in mind that hamburgers are very sensitive pieces of meat to changes in temperature, so we recommend that you put them in the fridge as soon as you receive them. If you are not going to consume them soon, you can freeze them with plastic wrap, since it is a fresh product. You can prepare these hamburgers with the point of meat that you like the most, with or without bread, with more or less spices, with or without potatoes. You choose how to do it to give it your own touch of magic. We recommend you prepare the meat to the point to taste the juiciness of the meat in all its glory. Ingredients: 99% burger meat, salt, dextrose, dextrin, preservatives E221, antioxidants E301, E331iii, mix of spices, garlic, onion, coloring E120, aromas, E551 and dehydrated vegetable fiber.
bucco from €9,90
Veal Ossobuco of approximately 1 or 3 kg cut into 2-3 pieces per kg. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen preserving all its freshness, juiciness and flavor. The osso buco of calf is the meat that is extracted from the upper part of the front and hind legs of the animal. It is cut crosswise and presented in thick slices and with the corresponding bone in its central area, which gives it that characteristic appearance. The cross section is of vital importance for the piece to be considered a top quality osso buco. A poorly made cut can cause the piece to go from being an osso buco to being considered a leg or shank. As a trick, we advise you to cut the small membrane that surrounds each piece so that it does not shrink and its presentation is worthy of a professional recipe book. To stew the meat, put salt at the end so that it does not lose its juices and marinate the meat with milk two hours before cooking it. Osso buco is an excellent type of meat to prepare in stews, bone broth, with sauce and dishes of meat in its juice prepared in a slow cooker. You can also taste it roasted in the oven in its own juice with baked potatoes. We recommend accompanying the osso buco with a little milanera rice prepared with the marrow of the osso buco bones, and a little red wine or lambrusco. A whole gourmet meal in a matter of minutes!
sirloin medallion
Beef tenderloin - 2 medallions 200gr €15,90 €20,00 save €4,10
Beef tenderloin 2 medallions 200gr approx unit. Ready to open, aerate and put in pan. Vacuum packed in a tray.
entrails 500gr €8,90
Beef entrails, 500gr approximately. Without any nerve and soft. You can order it with or without skin. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen fresh, preserving all its flavour, aroma and juiciness. The cut of the entrails belongs to the fourth palette and is located between the malaysia, the lever and the belly flap. It is a very thin cut that corresponds to the muscles that surround and mobilize the diaphragm. It is characterized by its irregular shape, like a half arch, and its particular flavor. In addition, its fat content makes the entrails a star dish in any barbecue, grill or embers. It is in this type of cooking that the entrails bring out all their exquisite flavour, aroma and unique juiciness. You can accompany the beef entrails with some chips and chimichurri sauce. This sauce, so full of flavour, is very appropriate for barbecues, and becomes a perfect ally for churrasco or, in this case, entrails. As for its preparation, the secret to obtaining an entrail of exceptional quality is to roast it with its membranes, since these seal the internal juices and allow "pressure" cooking that softens the firm consistency of this meat. We recommend preparing the entrails by applying salt one or two hours before roasting so that it absorbs it well or, failing that, just after browning it. If you use the first option, put the entrails on the grill at a medium-high temperature for 15 minutes on each side. When you see the golden membranes, remove the meat, and enjoy!
fillet of beef
Prime fillet 1kg from €10,90
Prime fillets filleted to your liking, with normal, thick or fine cut. 1kg approximately. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that they reach your kitchen preserving their characteristic tenderness and flavor. The first class pieces come from the stifle, hip, tapilla, contra or back, all of them very juicy and tasty pieces. This type of meat is excellent for grilling and grilling, as it unleashes all its tenderness, juiciness and exquisite flavor. We recommend the fillets of the day to be breaded. In itself, beef or veal is very beneficial for the body, since it is considered a lean meat with great nutritional power. It contains a large percentage of good quality essential proteins, as well as being rich in water and sarcosine, essential for muscle development. Prime meat also has carnitine, essential for metabolizing fat and very useful for those who exercise regularly. This meat also promotes tissue recovery and has antioxidant power and vitamin B6. When you buy prime beef steaks, you are buying meat of outstanding quality, cared for and prepared with care and patience so that it reaches your plate preserving its freshness, juiciness and flavor. Prime meat can be prepared grilled, stewed or breaded, but we recommend cooking it grilled, grilled or on the barbecue to taste an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Try it with coarse salt and some French fries as a garnish. To lick your fingers!
beef vacuum
Vacuum beef 1kg €13,90
Vacuum beef, approximately 1kg. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it arrives at your kitchen as freshly cut, preserving all its freshness, tenderness and flavor. The veal vacuum is the most economical cut of the skirt, on the side next to the ribs. It is a boneless, fibrous and very tasty meat. This makes veal sautéed meat suitable for roasting and slow cooking on the barbecue. Why cook it slowly? Because, since it is a stringy meat, it takes a little more time to prepare it properly. But the wait has its reward, and if you are patient and grill the piece correctly, you will end up tasting very tasty and tender meat. That is why we tell you that it is best to prepare the veal vacuum on the barbecue or in roasts, as they will become one of the star dishes. Although you can also prepare it in other ways, since it is a very versatile meat. For example, if you remove its two characteristic layers of fat, you can cut the veal vacuum into exquisite fillets that you can grill or bread, and even stuff. For them, open the piece by cutting in the middle as if it were a book and fill it with whatever you want. No matter how you cook it, we assure you that our veal vacuum will make your mouth water. Try it and see how you repeat!
beef skirt
Veal brisket 1kg €8,90
Veal brisket, approximately 1kg. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it arrives at your kitchen as freshly cut, preserving all its freshness, tenderness and flavor. Perfect for stews, stews and stuffed cooking. This piece of meat comes from the muscular parts that hang from the rear third of the calf, between the leg and the shoulder. The result is juicy and gelatinous meat, as well as being one of the cheapest parts of beef. Coming from the lower part of the loin, the beef flank cut is boneless, although it does have more ribs than other cuts, which makes it a little tougher. But that does not take away its tenderness and juiciness, the latter being very characteristic. The veal brisket is a meat infiltrated with fat, which is what gives it that celebrated juiciness. That is why it is perfect for broths, stews and stews, since it provides many nutrients to this type of recipe. You can also use it to make homemade minced meat. Although it is usually used in stews, the veal skirt is also great roasted or prepared on the grill or in the oven. We recommend marinating or marinating it in barbecue sauce or red wine, or seasoning it with aromatic herbs and natural spices. If you choose to marinate the beef brisket, we recommend doing it with olive oil, paprika, garlic and aromatic herbs before cooking it. You will notice how the flavor explodes on your palate with each bite! A good accompaniment for the roast veal brisket is some good baked potatoes, or baked onions. With chimichurri sauce and coarse salt, you will have a gourmet dish typical of a professional five-fork grill.
Ragout - Chopped meat to cook from €8,90 €9,90 save €1,00
Top quality beef ragout, chopped to cook. 1kg or 5kg approximately. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it reaches your kitchen as freshly cut, preserving all its freshness, juiciness and flavor. The word "ragout" comes from the French verb ragoûter, which means "to stimulate the appetite." That is why this meat is called ragout, because just seeing it makes your mouth water instantly. Ragout, or ragout, is the meat used in casseroles and casseroles made with meat and vegetables. However, ragout stews are characterized by being made with ingredients that are cut into small pieces, browned, and then added to the stew. In fact, the ragout is considered the perfect cut of meat for lovers of meat and the spoon. Its tenderness and juiciness are unparalleled. You will not be able to stop eating it or dipping the bread in the sauce. The most common way to prepare a beef ragout stew or stew is to cut it into chunks, brown it initially, then add stock, wine and/or tomato sauce and cook over low heat for three hours. The result of this patient recipe is a stew with a creamy sauce and tender, juicy meat that melts in your mouth. We want to help you taste this succulent piece of meat as soon as possible. For this reason, we deliver the ragout already chopped and we guarantee that it comes from the best calves, because we want you to enjoy and come back!
Preparation of Minced Veal Meat from €8,90 €9,50 save €0,60
Gluten-free minced beef preparation. 1kg approx. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it arrives at your kitchen fresh and juicy, as if it had just been prepared. If you want a versatile meat in your kitchen, this minced beef preparation is for you. It is perfect for making traditional homemade recipes and, in addition, its juiciness and smooth texture make it the perfect food for the little ones in the house. Use your imagination and combine minced meat in hundreds of different ways. There are dozens, hundreds of recipes to take advantage of it, and you can even mix it with a little minced pork to taste a new level of flavor on your palate. Ground beef has hundreds of uses in the kitchen. You can use it to make homemade meatballs, Russian steaks, Italian sauces, lasagna, meatloaf, anything you can think of! It is a very versatile type of meat that will delight young and old, as it is easy to eat and cook. This preparation of minced meat is made with top quality beef. It is prepared by shredding and cutting into very fine pieces the selected pieces of noble pieces of outstanding quality. So that the minced meat is loose when you fry it, we recommend that you do not add too much oil to the pan and move the meat continuously with a wooden spoon. Season when the meat changes from pink to brown for best results. You can also use the beef preparation to make homemade hamburgers or as the perfect ingredient for your bolognese sauce or bechamel sauce. Try adding selected spices a little before preparing it so that it picks up its flavor. Delicious! Ingredients: GLUTEN FREE. Beef, trisodium citrate E331iii, dextrose, sodium ascorbate E301, sodium sulphite E221, potassium metabisulphite E224 and carmine E120.
sirloin tip
Tip of beef tenderloin €13,90 €16,90 save €3,00
Beef sirloin tip 400/600gr approx. Vacuum packed in a tray.
Morcillo / Beef shank 1kg €10,90
Veal shank, approximately 1kg. Vacuum packed and transported refrigerated so that it arrives at your kitchen as freshly cut, preserving all its freshness, tenderness and flavor. Veal shank, also known as jarrete or zancarrón, is a very juicy piece of meat that is traditionally used to prepare stews or in the famous Madrid stew. This piece comes from the part that is attached to the leg bone, so it is a very gelatinous meat with many nerves. That is why it is usually prepared boiled and is widely used in stews, stews and stews. If it is cut with the bone, the morcillo becomes known as ossobuco, another excellent piece to prepare in stews and stews, although you can also prepare it baked in its own juice. A delicious way to prepare veal shank, or shank, is to put it in cold water with a piece of bacon and bones for cooking. Once the water is hot, add the chickpeas and cook in a slow cooker for 20 minutes, or over low heat for about two hours until the chickpeas are tender. You can also enjoy a fantastic stewed veal shank, where you will see that it is one of the most tender, juicy and flavorful pieces of meat of all beef. Put the veal shank (also called shank) in cold water, with a piece of bacon and our bones for cooking. Do not add the chickpeas until the water is hot, and cook in a slow cooker for 20 minutes, or over low heat for about two hours, until the chickpeas are tender. The cold water allows the meat to provide flavor to the broth in the case of stew. If you want the meat to retain its flavor to eat it cooked, brown the shank a little and add the broth or hot water. If you decide on the stewed morcillo, you will enjoy one of the most tender meats and full of flavor.
Barbecue 1kg €8,90
Strips of steak that add up to a total of one kilo. Exceptional cut, exquisite flavor, ideal texture and perfect color. Our steaks come prepared in trays and vacuum packed to guarantee that their freshness, texture and flavor are preserved, and they are shipped refrigerated so that they arrive in your kitchen freshly cut. Churrasco strips are the queens of barbecues. It is the filleted rib of the beef, being the result of the perpendicular cut of the animal's rib. They have an intoxicating aroma and an intense flavor, perfect for lovers of good meat. They are obtained from the flank of the veal, cut with just the right thickness so that the result on the grill is juicy and tender. That is why the best option is to prepare steaks on the grill or barbecue, although they are also an excellent meal prepared in stews and roasts. We also recommend trying the beef steaks after marinating or marinating in barbecue sauce, red wine and even seasoned with aromatic herbs. If you buy these steaks you will get top-notch pieces of meat: tender, juicy, tasty and with an intense pink color that is far from pale and watery industrial meats. A true gourmet culinary delight with which you will succeed at your barbecues. Cuts from the rib area such as churrasco and brisket usually have a very high fat and bone content.