100% Galician Blond Cow Burgers - 2 units


100% Galician Blond Cow Burgers - 2 units


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Product description

Two 100% Galician Blonde Cow meat burgers, approximately 180gr each, made and pressed by hand. Without gluten. Served on a tray with film and vacuum-packed so that they arrive in your kitchen as if they had just been made, with all their tenderness and aroma intact. We recommend opening the vacuum at least 1 hour before consuming.

We guarantee that you have never tasted hamburgers like these: juicy, with an exquisite aroma, with a very tender texture and with an exceptional taste and appearance. You will taste some hamburgers with authentic Galician beef flavor, worthy of a restaurant good gourmet food.

Old beef stands out for being a type of meat of the highest quality, since it comes from animals that have been pampered and cared for with special care and affection. In the flavor and juiciness of its meat you will notice the good nutrition of the animal and how it, in return, has given us meat with a unique flavor and texture in the world.

In addition to taking care of the animal's diet, the cut of the hamburger has been taken into account in order to offer a product premium, ideal for adults, which will become the star of every meal. We guarantee that everyone who tries these burgers will ask you where you got them from!

These are hamburgers made in such a way that they will melt in your mouth like butter. Pure old beef that will conquer you by itself with its spectacular flavor and tenderness.

Ingredients: Galician Blonde Beef 99% burger meat, salt, starch, dehydrated vegetable fiber, starch, trisodium citrate E331iii, spices, potassium matabisulfite E224, sodium ascorbate E301, sodium sulfite E221, carmine E120 and silicon dioxide E551.

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