OLD COW T-bone steak with maturation

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Weight :

1kg approx. 1.5kg approx. 2x 500gr approx. 3x 330gr approx

OLD COW T-bone steak with maturation

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Weight :

1kg approx. 1.5kg approx. 2x 500gr approx. 3x 330gr approx
Product description

Matured old cow steak (National Origin). This piece of fresh meat has a marbled appearance, with a unique, fine and delicious flavor due to this maturation. A flavor that will light sparks on your palate. 

This steak is vacuum packed to preserve all its flavor and texture. When you taste it, you will taste an excellent piece of great quality: juicy, tasty and tender as butter.

When you buy an old cow steak, you are acquiring an outstanding product that comes from an animal that has been well fed, cared for and treated with the greatest care and respect, to guarantee the best flavor and the best quality of the meat. 

The old cow steaks also offer a very special and exquisite flavor. They are perfect for cooking on the stone, on the grill and on the barbecue. In fact, with the embers its flavor and aroma will gain intensity and it will become the star dish. All your barbecue guests will ask you where you got this excellent ribeye, guaranteed!

Aging gives the meat a softer texture that also enhances its flavour, aroma and juiciness. To do this, we select the best old cow loins in order to offer you the best quality meat on the market.

ribeyes selected, are separated and selected by our master butchers, for the qualities they present such as: appearance, size, infiltration, etc. Ideal for Hospitality and more demanding diners.

The 330 and 500gr steaks are cut from the lower part of the loin to have a proportionate shape and thickness.

ATTENTION: when you receive your ribeye, check that the bag is completely vacuum sealed. We pack them with the utmost care, but during transport the bone can splinter, puncturing the bag. If this happens, remove the ribeye from the packaging and keep it cold before consuming it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can freeze it. Approximate weight.

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